Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A work conversation

Well its time to pack up and i've been busy working all day long when this hilariously awesome thing happens.

Boss: "Would you find the _____ sign for me?"

Me: "Front door or back door?"


Boss: "Back door."

not 15 seconds later...

Me: "That was EASY!"

Being the perv I am, I giggle all the way down the hall.


  1. God help me, as soon as he said "back door" I would have said something like "bend over!"

  2. Mama - It literally took EVERYTHING in me not to say something like that. I mean there are ENDLESS possibilities with that tiny little conversation. and I just didn't take advantage. I must really like my job.

    Secrets - What can I say? 12 year old boys giggle ALL THE TIME.. I love giggling. Okay.. even that sounded pervy.