Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm not feeling clever enough to give this post a real title.

Remember how I said that my drive to work was eventful a couple of days ago?

Well, no one has painted the rock in 3 days. I think its because the heat we are getting right now is all but unbareable. The moment I leave my deliciously air conditioned office and step into the world oh hot every inch of me begins to sweat. Seriously, place I didn't know I could sweat do on my body. It is horrible. Doesn't help that my AC in the car is busted.

Anyways, while the rock has been rather disappointing the drive hasn't.

I discovered a pub on my way to work called "stumble inn" that I thought was clever.

I saw the big fat half naked man from the other day.
*yes, I just linked the same post twice*

But today I saw something new.

A man crossing the street with nothing but boxers on.
                   not even shoes.

He looked at me and waved. I immediately accelerated and felt the need to take 10 or so showers just because the skeezy pervy man had looked at me.

Not cool dude, not cool.

I'll blame the heat for people lack of oxygen to their brains.

If I could walk around in just my boxers.. I probably would too. Except I wouldn't be a skeezy pervy man who looked and waved at girls in cars that clearly are disgusted by me.


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  1. The heat is making everyone batshit crazy. I really believe that. I have to, otherwise there is no excuse for my recent behaviour.