Monday, May 31, 2010

Long time no post.

What a Memorial Day Weekend.

It just confirmed how much I hate stupid girls.

But since its back to work in the morning.

We will just have to wait till.. I remember to write about it to hear about it.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good night Moon.

Sitting in the parking spot of my old job waiting for the tow truck for my friends car, I realized something was seriously not right about the night.

Too many weird things happened.

I wondered aloud "Is it a full moon?"

We looked to the sky and there it was.

A full bright moon.

I guess weird things happen with a full moon.

Stupid moon.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I couldn't come up with anything, so just deal with my tangent. This very very sporadic tangent.

From the day I turned 9, I counted down the days till I turned 10. Double freaking digits.

I turned twelve and pined for the day I turned 13. Oh to be a teenager.

My thoughts turned quickly from "HOLY CRAP. High School starts tomorrow.." to "I JUST WANNA DRIVE."

I turned 16. Got my license. I felt like the world was my oyster. I could do anything and nobody could stop me.

Since then birthdays have been just another year older.

Yes, 18 came and went in the blink of an eye. I was graduated and off to college.

Now, I'm turning twenty. In less than a month.
No longer a teenager.
But its been even longer since I've been a care-free kid.

I really don't understand why 2006 me wanted to be an adult so bad. Sure the freedom was appealing. Living away from mom and dad was appealing and hell, it was only 5 years until I turned 21. I didn't have bills, didn't have to pay for my cell phone, my car insurance, my car.. anything.

Oh to be young again.

Present me is kicking past me right square in the behind.

stop spending your money.
You will be grateful you did..

But, you can't go back in time. You can't change a freakin' thing.

Now, I would give my left knee (yes, I realize its my bad knee but seriously.. unrelated) to go back with what I know now.

Who wouldn't?

I don't really know whether I'd want to be a kid playing in the mud or 16 with the freedom to drive and not a care in the world.

I can't believe I wanted to be an adult with a full time job and bills. We are so oblivious when we don't have a care in the world that once we get thrust into the real world we are shell shocked at what happens.

CREDIT CARDS.BILLS.BABIES.(I'm aware you can get pregnant in high school, but thats a different entry)MARRIAGE.JOB.COLLEGE.PAYING TO GO TO SCHOOL.JAIL.JURYDUTY.
Like the fake Santa in the Santa Claus 2 said "..the list goes on and on." (At least thats what I hear him saying in my head)

Would I actually go back and relive high school? Umm.. NO. But, I would like to go back and sit down and have a face to face chitty chat with me and tell me what is up.

Things would be so much different.

And to close, the top 10 things I would tell myself.

1.) SAVE YOUR MONEY. You will be so grateful you did. You have no idea what is about to smack you in the face when you go out into the big bad world.

2.) DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. Umm.. HELLO, you are in high school, the fact that some stupid girl said something behind your back is nothing compared to facing a boss or a professor or whomever that is attacking you from every angle.

3.) GET MORE INVOLVED. Everything you want to do, DO. You will be so grateful you did. Time goes a lot quicker once you are out of this place and while it really isn't too late to do any of that, you should do it so you can focus more on the other things you want to do now that you have the ability to do it.

4.) HE IS NOT THE BE ALL END ALL. Come on, like 1 out of every 100 couples in high school actually make it to marriage. And while the idea of marrying your high school sweetheart is ideal. They are dumb dumb dumb boys who do not think with the head on the top of their bodies. (My apologies mom) Besides, you probably going to break up with him to move onto the next great thing in like a week.. so seriously. MOVE ON.

5.) ENJOY YOUR FAMILY. While they are still your family, the world changes. So does the conversation and the competition. No more make believe for you. Besides, they won't be around forever, enjoy what you have while you have it.

6.) TAKE MORE PICTURES. You will be so happy you did. To be able to look back and say OHMYGOD, I did not do that, will be the best thing ever.. Now that I think about it.. HEY YOU, YEAH YOU THE ONE TYPING, YOU SHOULD PROBABLY WORK ON THAT NOW.

7.) BE HAPPY. Going through life miserable really is miserable. Yes, you laugh at yourself now, but how much better would your experience be if you enjoyed it?

8.) STOP HATING PEOPLE. Yes, you are hysterical and are very good at comebacks/making people laugh at other people's expenses, but you never know who will and won't be your friend in the years to come.

9.) WORK HARD. Your grades do matter and it builds a fantastic work ethic once you are out.

and last and probably most important..

10.) LOVE YOURSELF. I think that's is pretty self explanatory.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If only, if only. Stupid little black dress.

Today I will explore the wonderful world of GaGa.

Inspired, of course, by last nights Glee episode.

Anyways, I wanted to explore the style of Lady Gaga while baby blogger me explores using photos.

Personally, I love Lady Gaga and her fabulous sense of style. I idolize her fashion and courage in a way that many people would find just strange.

I wish I had the courage to dress a little girlier, let alone out of this world like she does. 
Her self confidence blows my mind. 

I mean just look at this. She might as well be naked and she looks unbelievable.
My favorite story of her is one I read in probably Cosmopolitan. 
She was at, I believe, Starbucks with a boyfriend when he broke up with her.
She says..
"Just you wait and see, someday you want be able to leave your home without seeing my face!"
(Now, I ad-libbed this story a bit, don't be offended if this isn't 100%)


Holy guacamole.


Poor sap, didn't even know what was coming.
You literally cannot wake up in the morning without hearing one of her songs blasting happily on the radio.

What a fabulous lady.
Whose style I envy.

I love it.


Guilty pleasure?

Now for the real question.
Can I pull this off?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Clearly we know your dirty little secret. Stupid Girl.

Like so many others, a crap ton of my friends are pregnant.

Today, a good friend of mine found out she was having a little boy. We oohed and aahed over her ultrasound and even got a look at the money shot. We were just in baby heaven. So, we headed over to Barnes & Noble (not a big fan, I'd much rather be at Border's) to check out baby names.

Sitting in the baby section looking at all these books a girl that my friends knew came over to chat with us.. I learned more about this girl in 15 minutes than anyone might learn on a first date or in an online profile. (Which, is becoming increasingly more informational, dangerous.)

 Some how in all these conversations girls dirty little secrets come out...

Blonde: Yeah, you remember me in high school, how tiny I was?
Friend #1: Yeah, super skinny.
Friend #2: Didn't you have anorexia?
Me: *stifles clearly not shocked giggle*
Blonde: Yeah, I still struggle, I'm now on a no carb diet. But it sucks cause I really want a bagel.
Me: So eat a bagel.
Blonde: I can't I've gained 4 pounds in 2 months.

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm fairly certain I gain 4 pounds a week. Granted, I try to eat well, and try to move around as to not keep it on, but come on... 4 pounds? In 2 months? I know girls that would kill-a-bitch for that kind of weight gain.

Friend #1: I'm fairly certain I gain 10 pounds a month. So.. just eat a bagel.
Blonde: See her, you think she doesn't have an eating disorder

*points to (i think) her sister*

Friend #2: Didn't you throw up too?
Blonde: NO.
Friend #2: I know for a fact you did, twice.
Blonde: Ummmmmm... I think I know what I did to my own body.
Friend #2: I know you did, you threw up.

I sprang into action desperately seeking anything to stop the argument that was commencing in front of me. I turned my head to the educational kids section and...

Me: HEY LOOK! A book about the Human Body.. Oh wait.. bad choice.. Uhhh ummm.. BUGS! Look a book about BUGS!

[Insert hysterical laughter]

Thank god I have impecable timing. Although inappropriate to the argument, totally a hilarious on the dumb to funny scale.

Blonde: Why is she crying?
Friend #2: OHMYGOD, are you okay? Why are you crying?
Me: Because I can't get over how funny I am
*wipes away tears*

Oh boy.

Just another day in the life.

In other news, we now think that we are naming said baby Elijah Robert. Too cute.

Although, I still think Habakuk is a solid name.

Just kidding...... Kind of.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Arachna-Murderer.

I am arachnophobic. Absolutely freaking terrified of spiders.

Not quite run away screaming terrified (although that has happened) but close enough.

I've had all of these crazy encounters with these 8 legged demons. It all started when I was living in what I like to call me pre-middle school house when I awoke from a nap to a spider just hanging out on my face. That day, I ran screaming to my father and made him protect me from the big bad spiders.


I squirm just thinking about it.

Then there was the time I went backpacking on North Manitou Island and we slept in a spider pit. WORST MISTAKE EVER. We camped out in possible the most beautiful point on the Island, but I just felt something wasn't right... I felt like things were crawling all over me. But, the girls told me I was crazy until I looked down to see a million (well, looking back it was probably like 3 but who is really counting?) spiders crawling all over me. I flipped out, hyperventilated and BAM. Woke up in my tent some time in the middle of the night, alone. I turned on my flashlight all disoriented and made the horrible decision to point it at the tent, where I could see hundreds of GIGANTIC spider shadows crawling all over the place. BAM. Next thing I know I'm awake, its morning and its time to get the heck outta dodge.

Okay, so you are now starting to get the point.

Anyways, I've been trying to deal with my fears for a while now, mostly because I feel too old to contiue freaking out the way I have been. I now remain calm, as calm as I can be sans my heart racing like a racecar and slowly back away before I run for the hills with OUT screaming :)

I'm such a grown up.

 I hadn't had any real big run ins thanks to winter until the other night when I was asleep.

In my dream I came face to face with a big black ugly spider. And guess what I did?

I headbutted the little sucker to death! BOOM. Fears faced.

Then I woke up. Decided to take it as as facing my fears head on, pun totally intended.

Today, in real life, a spider was crawling on my windshield as I was pulling into my driveway. I totally drowned that thing with the windshield washer fluid. BOO-YAH!

So I told my dad about it and he called me the Arachna-Murderer.

It has a nice ring to it..

Now only if I didn't still have to rely on Ben to kill the spider on the ceiling..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nom Nom Nom. I'd eat all day if people wouldn't look at me and think I was bulemic or something... *sigh*

So I'm like the worst person in the entire world to go get food with. Seriously, I mean, I am that person that does not know what she wants, says "no you decide where we go to eat" and when you choose I immediately do not like it. Then when we finally choose someplace to go, I never know what I want to eat.. except I get the same thing from these places EVERY SINGLE TIME.

My apologies to everyone that has ever had this experience with me.

I seem to have the most interesting things happen to me when I go through a drive-thru. Whether it is narrowly missing those big posts while attempting to pull around or I get the one person who CANNOT speak well. At all. And I'm all like.. okay, so it sounds like I ordered a matyr booger instead of a quarter pounder. But, I trust it as well as I can and pull forward anyways.

I, also, truly hate speaking into those boxes. I feel like I'm talking to nothing and then BAM.. A voice from the beyond. I mean.. what the aych?

So once I finally place my order, pull around, pay for my fat with a large cellulite and take off to my final food eating destination.

And despite all the uncomfortable and weird happenings, I enjoy my grease and fat and cellulite. YUMM-O.

So today, I was starving sitting at home catching up on my trashy prime time TV. And after finishing up I decided enough was enough, time to go feed the hungry monster.

I live within 10 minutes of about a million and a half chain restaurants and then some. Could I decide what I wanted? Umm.. No. I drove around for a little while and decided on KFC because hey, who doesn't enjoy a KFC bowl?

Possibly the WORST drive-thru experience of my life. Rectangular building that literally had 90 degree angles for a drive thru. As I tried to maneuver my way through this drive thru with my boat of car I notice that my car seems to be tilting.. 'What the hell?' I say to myself.. Turns out there is a pothole the size of Lake Erie 5 feet from the freaking building, smack dab in the middle of that crappy drive-thru. UGGGHHH. I dip myself through there in a panic thinking I might be sucked into a sinker or a black hole.. or something, and have to re-maneuver the boat just so I can be somewhat near the speaker boxy thing. Then.. another 90 degree angle. 2 cars ahead of me and now there is one behind me. I am completely diagonal in this skinny ass little driveway and then another car comes around, probably avoiding the horrid drive-thru, but i digress. The SUV couldn't get around me without going up on the curb despite there being a driveway with an exit literally two feet from where I was angled. Before curbing it the SUV stopped, honked its horn, flipped me a big ol' birdie and mouthed F*** YOU plain as day and then drove off as if nothing ever happened. What was I supposed to do? I was blocked in and after 5 minutes of sitting there we weren't moving.

Finally, I got up to the window, pulled out my card and paid. Now, I've never EVER had to sign when I swiped my card in a fast food place let alone in the drive-thru.. So this guy hands me a receipt and expects me to sign it for him.. I'm all like.. Umm, my car is all soft and squishy and comfortable.. this isn't going to end well.. I signed it, poking basically a big giant hole in the receipt where my signature should've been.

I got my food and the nightmare was over. I came home, ate my food and now it is back to watching trashy TV. What a life I lead.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pens. WOAH.


So simple. Yet so... necessary.

I don't know about you but I am so unbelievably particular about what pens I use. I mean, if it writes even slightly weird, it gets pitched. I'm sure I've thrown away thousand's of pens over the years purely because they didn't feel right in my hand.

When I was in 5th grade my teacher (main teacher, seeing as we had two in an attempt to prepare us for middle school) told me I wrote weird. Most people, write with their right hand, pen or pencil on their middle finger.. I on the other hand write with my utensil on the ring finger. I was apparently wrong and she attempted to "fix" my writing style. I tried for weeks, and even now I get the urge to attempt to change that habit and attempt it.. 5 minutes later it is just far too awkward and its back to writing the "wrong" way.

But the key to any good writing? Having the best around. I'm personally a big fan of Bic pens. They roll smooth and last FOREVER. Well, as long as you don't lose it. I have a habit of losing pens after a day or a month depending on how much I really like it! But, the inevitable happens and BOOM. I'm penless.

I also like highlighters.

They make me feel so accomplished for whatever reason.

You know, making a list of things to do and one by one crossing them off with that perfect highlighter. Pink is typically my preferred color. It is so vibrant and you can see through it so clearly. Green and blue usually blur the words and make it hard to read.. Yellow and orange are so typical and like my mother said, they remind me of school.


Its amazing the choices we have to write.

You think its hard picking out a pen? Just try lifting that 10,000lb pen and trying to write.

Now there is a challenge.

Writer's Block.

I have a serious case of writer's block.

Hence the lack of posts.

I'll be making a list of things I could possibly write about.

I have to write if I want readers.

But what to write about... that truly is the question. Through out the day I have all of these wonderful ideas of what to write about, but by the time I sit down to type it.. Nothing comes to mind. I don't like that nothing comes to mind. I also don't want this to become a "diary" of sorts.

This isn't livejournal. Thank God.

Well, I'm off to try to make my list.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I can hear the bells.

I'm going to a wedding today.
I, however, am not feeling very romantic or lovey dovey what so ever.
I mean, I don't think you have to feel that way in order to go to a wedding, but boy, when you are in the mood, it makes it so much better. I guess if I wasn't so lost as to what the hell was going on with certain things, then it wouldn't be an issue. But I don't, so it is.

I'm tired of feeling frustrated and having the weight of the world on my shoulders. Yes, I'm happier than I've been in at least 5 years, but geez! I thought that once I got here people would realize that it is pointless to try bringing me down. Obviously not. Oh well, so many failed attempts later and I'm still singing melodies and wearing a shit eattin' grin on my face. BOOM.

I can't believe it took so long to be happy.. I look back now and almost laugh at what I thought was "ruining my life". I was such a drama queen. Everything was the worst thing that ever happened to me, and with the exception of a few minor instances, they were just me screaming for attention. Silly, silly, past me... Why did you let such things bring you down?

But now, I move forward and try to forever hold my head up high. It is so important. Happiness is so important. I've found that I enjoy doing so many little things, so many silly things that a year ago I wouldn't be caught dead doing.

My parents were in an excellent show last night by the way, They were absolutely hysterical, as most everybody was!

Well, I suppose I should get my computer charger and plug this bad boy in...

Until next time, I hopefully will make more sense then..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I missed my best friend.

I hate reminiscing because it makes me miss what we used to do and how we used to be.

But it sure is nice to relive those memories.

A walk down memory lane is always nice.

Stay tuned..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hands down, I am a total Gleek. I love Glee. I own the music from season 1 and listen to it almost everywhere I go. I will shortly own the season 1 dvd's so I can get my Glee on anytime I want.

This season has been phenomenal. Non stop AMAZING since episode 1. Now, they are going to have Neil Patrick Harris on an episode? OHMIGOD. I am in heaven. I think tomorrow I will devote this to Glee and the wonderful things I feel about this show.

For now, Stephanie Plum is beckoning me into her crazy world. I must read until my eyes can take no more.

Monday, May 10, 2010

10,000 steps. Part 2.

Well, only got as far as 5,602 steps.

I guess I'm only 'half' active. I made sure to walk everywhere I went at work. Walked around the mall while waiting for my glasses to be fixed. Hell, I even walked around a single parking space a few times. I jogged through my house, walked while reaching to clean my bookshelf. I did a little extra than what I normally would in a given day. and got just over halfway.

My dad said I could tack on about 1,000 steps for the morning when I wasn't wearing the pedometer. I guess that puts me at 6,602. I guess I need to try a little harder tomorrow when I'm going for my goal. I will hit 10,000 steps one day this week if it kills me (it won't, but you get the point).

I didn't realize how difficult it would be to hit my goal. I thought it would be a walk in the park, literally. 

It was interesting seeing what it took to get to 6,000 steps. without my walk around the mall and the jog around the house, I probably would have only gotten to 3.000 steps. I guess I need to work a little harder to be an active person.

I want to lead a healthier lifestyle.

I've always had trouble getting myself to wash my face at night just because it is so much easier to do it in the morning when you are just getting up and ready. But, I want to have beautiful healthy skin, I want to have a beautiful healthy body and I want it the right way.

Well, I suppose I should begin mapping out just how I'm going to get my 10,000 steps. We'll see if I can get my butt up in the morning for a stroll around the block. Unlikely, but possible.

Hopefully, I'll be able to really sit down and write out my 10,000 step journey tomorrow and tell you all I had to do. I'll post pictures from today and what I get tomorrow. And maybe, I'll even come up with something fantastic to really write about tomorrow.

Until then.

10,000 steps. Part 1.

After a 3 day absence, I feel like I need to do something big to make up for it.

Today I take on the task of walking 10,000 steps.

My mom joined this wellness program at her work and one of the things they said was 10,000 steps a day is what you need to take in order to be considered an 'active' person.

My goal is to see just what it takes to walk 10,000 steps in one day.

I've put one of my mom's pedometers on at about 1:10 this afternoon and started my journey. Right now, its lunchtime from work and I've gotten 188 steps just walking around my house and preparing my meal.

My plan is to document via my phone the steps during the rest of my day at work and then continue documenting as my day wears on.

Only 9,812 steps to go.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Coming Home.

I'm searching for the right words to make this entry unoffensive in the first few sentences... but after thinking it over, it seems there is no graceful way to go about this, so I may as well just be frank and say what I'm thinking. . .

I have had an issue with God and religion for a very long time.

There, I said it. It is out in the open and I'm not taking it back.

I've put this thought in the back of my mind for a very long time. Never opened the box I have stored it in to really explore my feelings. Sure, I've thought about going back to Church and finding what I truly believe in, but I have never taken that first little baby step to get the ball rolling, so to speak. I pray when I feel the need and I ask for guidance and support on things that I've done, but I've never really tried to have a real relationship with him. I had no reason to in my mind. This God has dealt me a 7 and a 2, off suit, in the poker game of life. I've been angry with him for so long that the anger is all I know. Between the horrible things I've experienced and the losses I have felt, I feel like the man hasn't given me a break. I counted a few days ago of all the people that have died in my life since I was 14... off the top of my head I came up with 8, at least one a year since I was 14. My friends, both of my grandpas, other family members. All sorts of different deaths too... suicide, car accidents, cancer, unexpected, old age... I've seen more in my 19 (almost 20) years of life than many have seen in 50.

I set out this today to help clear my head by cleaning up and organizing my office, my closet and my car. Even after doing these things my head was still feeling foggy and I was anxious to do something more outside of my home. I drove around for a while deciding to do one thing then changing my mind and heading home to deciding to do something else then yet again, changing my mind and heading home. Once I was in my house, I was sure that tonight was not a night I should be home. . . That's when I decided I'd explore writing venues and head to a local diner where there is wifi and write about whatever came to mind at the time. Not two minutes after discussing my plans with my mother did my friend call and we decided to meet up at this diner to catch up after about 4 months of little contact.

I don't know what I was expecting. Probably just a brief chat catching up on life. I was more than wrong. Of course we caught up on life and the happenings of it all.. But then it took an interesting turn and began to get deeper and deeper. . We discussed my friend Julian's death and how I was feeling then and how I feel now. Talked about her joining the Americorp and how that made her feel. Then, somehow, we got on the topic of God and religion.

I was baptized when I was 12, the same day I was confirmed. Then, I had a very solid relationship with the big man. It felt good to be a Christian and I never doubted anything about it. Sure I had questions, but I knew I'd learn the answers in time..

I didn't realize my friend hadn't been baptised. I'm sure we've discussed it before but it never really hit me.

That is when we got on the topic of angels and God and how they appear to us in every day life.

"Coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous"

For whatever reason, that really hit me like a brick to the head. It started me thinking about the little things that were happening in my life and had been happening randomly.. When Julian died I was trying to be the strong one. To be there for everyone who needed somebody, anybody. But, I had a weak moment. I sat behind this very screen searching for the right words, the right music, the right anything to help me through that moment. I remember saying to God and to Julian, "God, Jules, whichever one of you is listening... Give me something, anything to help me right now." I went to Julian's facebook page and was reading through the comments wondering if the words there would help me out with what I was feeling. That was when I saw the link to a song on youtube. 'Comin' Home' by City and Colour was the song that came across my speakers. It was exactly what I needed. I purchased the album. Those were the words I needed. It was like my prayers were answered then and there. However, it wasn't my only weak moment. Driving home after the weekend ended and regular life had no choice but to begin again, I was having a hard time keeping dry eyes. The tears just streamed out of my eyes. I cried "Julian, I need a sign you are here and I'm going to get home and everything is going to be okay..." Not a minute later and I was being tailed by a car. The car sped around me before I had a chance to get out of his way. When the car got in front of me it was like slow motion.. The car slowed down so he was riding in front of me just close enough to read his license plate. "Jules" it said loud and bold. Jules, was a nickname people had adopted for Julian. It was like a huge wave of relief swept over me. I got home and while moving forward and continuing on with life was difficult, I knew somebody was watching over me and making sure things were okay.

It's like my friend said, God appears in front of us not as himself but as the things we find comfort in, the people we are familiar with, and the words we long to hear.

Maybe now I'll look deeper into finding what I believe in.

Maybe God sent me that song to tell me its time I came back home to him.

I'm not sure I am 100% ready to begin my search, but I will definitely be keeping my eye out for him and long to feel him surround me.

God, if you are ready to listen, I'm ready to start talking.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Plum Crazy.

Dressed to the Nines. The next book in the wonderful series that my Aunt recommended to me. It takes me less than 24 hours after completing one book to come into Border's and buy the next in the series. Stephanie Plum is surely becoming one of my heroes.

I'm sitting here in Border's considering what I can write about this character to really portray to you her through my eyes. I think she is slowly becoming apart of who I am.

Stephanie Plum. Bounty Hunter.
Maybe in her wildest dreams, even though that is her job title.
She is terrified of guns and constantly has some maniac chasing after her.
Two men. One she is made for (the one we all turn the next page for) and the one she can only pine over.
Crazy family. Enough said there.
and I'm sure we are all waiting for her to have a car for more than 30 (give or take) pages.

It amazes me how confident she is with herself despite all of the wild things that happen to her on a daily (in book life) basis. She faces completely outrageous situations and still puts on a (semi) brave face and continues on until she finds answers.

I wish I had that kind of perseverance and drive to do certain things. I admire her for that. If something scares me I will, like her, pretend like it doesn't or avoid it at all costs. I would never return to a place I call home where something truly horrific happened or march my tushy down to a place where someone told me to stay away from. My senses would truly get the best of me and I would do the responsible and 'right' thing by staying away. I'm probably missing out on a lot of crazy things that life has to offer because of that little detail, but then again, i'd like to wake to tomorrow without fear. Many of us would.

She teaches me things I never thought in a million years I'd read on the pages of a goofy book.

I wonder if my personality is as addictive as hers. . .

I wonder if people hope to talk and be my friend as I long to read another one of her crazy adventures. I can only hope. It would be saying a lot about me as a person. I never want people to think I am something that can be merely discarded or set on a shelf to collect dust.

- - -

After looking at Janet Evanovich's website I feel to be on another level with the characters.. I clearly need to read a little faster than I have been, gotta catch up before June 22nd when the next book comes out.. Heck, I might even go all out and buy the hard cover.. I know, shocking right? I'm not a real big fan of Hard Cover, for whatever reason I don't feel like you can truly get into a hard cover book. I mean I got be able to bend the book in order to feel like I'm really reading. Strange, I know.

I truly wish I could tell you more, but I don't want to give too much away in case you ever want to start reading the series, which I highly recommend. :]

I think maybe I'll do a little reading before I head home.

Till tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Basics.

Well, lets start from the beginning..

My name is Ella.

I like to think of myself as a simple person, but as I continue to grow and meet more people and learn more about myself, I find that that isn't the case. I'm a complicated individual with a lot of hopes, dreams and aspirations.

I grew up in a small town dreaming of big city life. Now I live in a 'big' city and it can be very boring.

But, there usually isn't a dull moment in my life.

I love to read. I'm also a speed reader so I go through books quickly and typically read them twice to make sure I didn't miss anything. I LOVE the Harry Potter series. In fact, I will be reading 1-7 again this July for what I believe is the 4th time. :] I'm always up for new suggestions on books to, which is how I began reading the Stephanie Plum novels. If only Janet Evanovich wrote as fast as I read...

I have wonderful parents. An amazing Sister and a kick-ass Brohem [brother-in-law]. My family is big and loud and very overwhelming for outsiders. You don't fit in, you'll get thrown out. Both of my Grandfathers have passed but they still live on in us. I miss them both to this day but can see bits and pieces of them everywhere I go.

I have a very eclectic and LARGE group of friends. Some are closer than others. I try not to discriminate and let friends from ALL walks of life run with me. Life is too short to hate and not to experience new things.

I'm a very opinionated person. You'll probably see a lot of the here.

I have had a few jobs over the past 5 years. I worked for Tropical Smoothie for about a year and a half. Spent two years at Bob Evans and I miss my girls dearly. Now I am employed with the Boy Scouts of America and I love it. I was shocked to find that working a 9-5 job wasn't as bad as I always thought it would be.

There is a lot more to tell you, but I think I'll save that for a time when my brain isn't so clouded by thoughts of finishing yet another Stephanie Plum novel. I have a whopping 10 pages left and I'm dying to know what happens. Maybe tomorrow I'll write a little more about myself.. or maybe I'll share with you the relationship I have developed with the character of Stephanie Plum.

I'm going to try to write and share my opinions and thoughts everyday in here. Maybe somebody somewhere will be touched or agree or argue with what I have to say. I certainly hope so. I don't want to feel like this thing is a waste of time. Either way, I will be here..

Even when everybody else isn't..