Tuesday, July 6, 2010

broke as a joke.

Okay so I'm broke.
I have another bill due Wednesday.

and I have a freaking FLAT TIRE.

How could this get any better?????????

HMM.... possibly selling my soul tomorrow just to pay my bills and get a tire.
Great. Great. Great.

I really need another job.

This is really the kicker to my weekend.
No more spending money.
That is my new mantra.


  1. Girl... You and I BOTH! I am now in the process of job hunting and let me just tell you it is a BITCH. Prostitution and stripping aren't looking so bad after all. lol. P.S. I'm back! :) *muah*. I will LOVE to use your Oh Mah Gah for next Monday for sure! and yes... no stopping on the side of the ride. I need my MidWest reporter to be alive.

  2. Erin: Isn't everybody these days? so disappointing.

    Annah: luckily I am still alive and well.
    and still broke as a joke.

    If the prostitution or stripper thing work out lemme know.