Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Things I'm diggin' on this week...

1. The very successful Golf Tournament on Monday. :]

2. The fact that I finally went on my bike ride!

3. Pay day this week.

4. One month till my vacation to New Hampshire!

5. My paintings and the prospect of getting new canvas. :] :] :]

6. My Sister and Brother in law came home for a brief dinner on Sunday. that was FABULOUS.

7. Being barely reachable since my phone is all but dead. It is nice to have peace and quiet from the outside

8. Winning the auction for Cedar Point tickets at about $30 below what they would cost at the gate. (SO EXCITED)

9. Getting a half day on Friday because of all my hard work on Monday.

10. This amazing cheese my mom bought. So delicious.. I think its called Mexican Queso? I'm not 100% on that..

11. Coffee has seriously been my BFF this week.

and that is what I'm diggin' on.

What are you diggin' on?

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