Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What a drive.

I have a very short drive to work, something like 4 miles between my house and the office. So you would think it would be this uneventful drive to and from the 4 times a day I make the trip, right?


This is The Rock.

I drive by this every day on my way into work.
It always has something new painted on it.
Happy Birthdays.
Gang signs.

You name it, it has probably been painted (badly) up there.

Then I head into the "tucky" side of town..
You know, the place you are ashamed to claim since it seems to be all kinds of white trashy folk?

Well, this morning on the drive in I'm pretty sure I saw 3 walks of shame occuring.

1 a very large man with no shirt on (back fat everywhere SICK) with some shorts with the most obvious "guess what I did last night" grin on his face.

1 woman with hair going every which way, boobs bouncing in E V E R Y direction as she walked her boobs home. Her head was down hand kind of covering her eyes, was it the sun? I think not. She was walk of shaming it.

Another woman who had to be at least 57 with knockers hanging down to her knees and out for breath of fresh air from that skin tight shirt she was wearing.

Now, who is to say that these people were actually walk of shaming it.
Like I said it was on the "tucky" side of town.. this could just be normal behavior.. for them.

I dunno, but blow me away with the most ridiculous outfits and people walking down the street at 8:15am.


*edit: I actually remember one saying "you'll get murdered with (insert school name here)". it was ridiculous.


  1. How does something new get painted on it? Can that spray paint come off?

    And I think it would be awesome to be proposed to on something that holds RIPs and death threats on a regular basis. So romantic.

  2. There are typically paint chips littering the road and ground around it, but most just paint right over top.. I don't think anyone knows how big the rock really is anymore...

    And yeah, its legit.
    I've thought about posting pictures of it every day.. Maybe I should look into that.

  3. You should totally post pictures of it every day. I want to know what's on that thing every day!

  4. Babe - I'll definitely see what I can do. hopefully I get a red light every day, that will make it a lot easier.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog... Im loving what Ive seen of yours ... say hello to your newest follower.. and yes, more pictures would be great!!!