Thursday, July 8, 2010

I may have peed a little.

This week has been wild.

I had a HORRIBLE day on Tuesday (I have a two parter post coming up about it, i promise)
Wednesday was pretty normal.
Today was mehhh.

So I had a procedure done 2 weeks ago that has left me in an interesting predicament.

I constantly have to pee.
Not only that peeing is unbearably uncomfortable 100% of the time and I'm averaging 2.5 pees an hour (yes, 0.5) so you can imagine it is painful.

I went to the doctor for my follow up today and presented my delightful situation to the doctor only to get weird looks from her that clearly were saying screaming "OH SHIT WHAT DID I DO?"

So I was sent to the hospital to get an ultra sound.

They require you to have a full bladder so I was ordered to drink as much water as possible while I waited to go in.

Now you have to understand I had to give that delightful little urine sample and not 10 minutes later was my bladder full. But I was a good patient and snagged a water bottle from a gas station and huried my tush home so my mom could take me to the hospital.

By the time I got there I was so uncomfortable my mom offered me a cork so I would be okay.

"Do you think you could just go and let a little bit out"


So what seemed like a million hours later (probably a half hour) they took me down to a room to be poked and prodded by the ultra sound tech who pressed down on my bladder for a solid 15 minutes. Told me to go relieve myself with horrible directions to the bathroom (I ended up in a broom closet first) then went back for ultrasound numero dos. The one where they get all up in you.

"You say you are having frequent trips to the bathroom?"

"yeah why?"

"I can see your bladder is already pretty full"


I went home without any kind of diagnosis other than my procedure may need a little adjustment and to wait to hear about my results tomorrow.

I swear my mom and I hit every red light and bump physically possible on the way home. It was like my mom was looking for the biggest bumpiest hole she could find to hit to make my bladder miserable. Of course she wasn't, but of course we joked about it in the car.

Yeah, I have an awesome mommy. :]

So tomorrow I will hopefully have some kind of diagnosis for my bladder issues.
Fingers crossed!

Anyways, we are prepping for a big tournament at the office this week and it has been CRAZY busy all week. Hopefully we finish prepping tomorrow and don't have to work this weekend.. Although, I wouldn't mine some over time. ;)

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