Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just take 'er out back and shoot 'er. part1

I had a nightmare of a day about a week ago that literally began at midnight almost exactly when I realize my tire was unbelievably flat and it was too late to do anything about it.

So I went inside, deciding to deal with it in the morning, and attempted to sleep without much luck.

I sat up and read and wrote and worked a little.

I woke up in the morning to my dad telling me I had a flat tire (there was a ton of panic in his voice) and I needed to get up so I could "clean out my damn car otherwise he wasn't working on it!!!"

So I got up and began to get ready without any problem. It was when I hurried downstairs that the chaos began. I walked outside and began grabbing what ever I could get my paws on out of the car and just taking it in to where ever it seemed best to drop it. After what seemed like a million loads I finally asked my dad if it was clean enough for his liking (yes, I was being a little bitch and I knew it and 100% meant it... at the time)
You could tell that tensions were beginning to run high. I was running late for work and I refused to call in and say I was going to be late (hello, I'm paid hourly. Not gonna happen). So he told me I could take the van so that I could get to work. I asked him to back it out of the garage since there was no way I was going to get that boat out of our effed up drive way. (see below)

This is the horrible diagram of my driveway. feel free to ask questions if you don't understand.

As I'm standing in the driveway waiting for him to get the van out of the drive way I begin to wonder about my money issues and how in the $@&# I'm going to pay for a new tire when BLAMCRACKPOWBOOOOM!!

My tire blew.


Now I'm freaking out, my dad is freaking out and is pissed at himself (it was an accident. not much you can do about that especially with our frustration levels running on MAJOR OVERLOAD) and I unfortunately had to dip out to work before I was any more than 5 minutes late.

I was exactly 5 minutes late when i arrived to work remembering that we have a big fundraising event coming up in 4 days (not including the weekend) that we have to prep for this week so I know I will be swamped with work all week. No big deal. Just keep moving forward and getting things checked off the to-do list and all will be well (I have a sick obsession with to-do lists).

I turn on the computer and my email wouldn't work. No worries yet. Just a simple error in password..

5 minutes later

I have entered the CORRECT password at least 50 times to no avail. So I made a mental note to not scream. and restarted the computer when I heard the printer going off. I didn't press print but I could hear it beeping begging to be 'fed'. I run around the office to see if anyone was printing to the duplex and (so surprise here) everyone said no. So I went and tried to feed the multi-purpose feeder but it just kept beeping at me and wouldn't take any of the paper I was feeding it.

So I cancelled what seemed like  50 prints and went back to my office.

Things started to cool down after restarting my computer and it seemed like everything would go back to normal for the day.

I took a deep breath..

"what else could possibly go wrong today?"

... to be continued.

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