Friday, July 23, 2010


I burnt the crap out of my tongue yesterday.
Good to know that the thermos really does keep the coffee hot.
So now I can only taste food when it hits the back of my tongue.

I'm terrified to drink my coffee this morning.
I don't want to lose my ability to taste on the back of my tongue too!
So I'm taking the necessary precaution to avoid burning the rest of my tongue to tasteless smithereens.

 I put my lips to the thermos and feel the heat just radiating in there waiting to burn me and I don't drink it!

Garsh I'm awesome.

the coffee is taunting me with 'nana- nanah-na-na's'.
but I refuse to not

Naturally I'm all but falling asleep at my desk ...


  1. at least you're not one of those pretentious fucks who goes to starbucks and asks for their coffee at a particular temperature... who does that?!

  2. Omg, that happened to me about a week ago at work. Coffee was so hot, and so tempting that I couldn't help but to take a sip without first thinking... needless to say, the roof of my mouth is just recovering... not so much for my tongue and bottom lip that were severely burned by some white rice this even! Back at square one!