Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well, I am apparently horrible at keeping up with my promises. Unfortunately, real life is kicking my butt and I'm working harder on reading two books by tomorrow that I am at keeping this bad boy up-to-date. What's tomorrow you ask? Well, it is July 1st and I start my Harry Potter read-a-thon! 7 books in 31 days. Can't beat that! I do it every year. LOVE IT.

Yes, I am a huge Harry Potter nerd.

Anyways, its time for...

What I'm Diggin' On!

This week I'm diggin' on...

1. The Crazy Family I didn't realize I had - yeah, I went to dinner with my mom's side of the family last night.. but more on that tonight in a different post.

2. My Sister & Brother-In-Law - They are paying for my plane ticket out to New Hampshire this summer which is like a HUGE weight off my shoulders. We really had no idea how we were going to afford to get me out there because I certainly couldn't afford that!

3. The 30 Day Challenge - I started a week behind everyone but I LOVE IT! I really need to get some pictures up here... so long as no one judges me on my terrible art work.. Oi.

4. My house - It has been very peaceful this week with the parents out of town. I can't wait for them to come home though, then there will be food in our house again!

5. The Horrible Work Coffee Every Morning - It is seriously bad coffee, but without it I doubt I'd make it through the morning. Oh coffee.. We have such a love/hate relationship.

6. Having my own office - It is so nice to be able to sit in the privacy of my own office without having to worry about anyone overhearing EVERYTHING I do.

7. Lists - I definitely have a thing for lists. All day long I make one list after another. Heck, I even make lists about lists! It is really a disease.. or maybe just a phase that will fade out.. hmm..

What are you diggin' on this week?

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