Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I like asterisks.

Well, I think I accomplished 1 thing.

I bought the journal for the 30 day challenge and some pens to start out.

I absolutely hate the pens and of course I can't find the receipt to return it.

*hits self in the forehead*
*repeat like 5 times*

So, I'm stuck with these pens for the time being. I WILL find that receipt if it kills me.

The note book I got is pretty legit. It is 100% recycled. YAY for another way I'm going green. I've been trying for years to find little ways to be greener to help out our beautiful world. So high five to me!

*high fives self*

I also got paint for my Mac today. Super pumped to be able to share with you some weird things that have happened recently. WOOT for illustrations!

Well, Oscar the zebra and I are going to snuggle and hit the sack, after I write a page in my notebook, do one puzzle and read one chapter.