Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Driving Balls down to Texas.

Today I have diligently been working on a few projects for work and for myself.

I've done up through prompt 2 on the 30 Day Challenge. I'm WAY behind  everyone else, but who cares! Pictures to be posted within the next 3 days.

It felt so good to get things accomplished.

I went for a walk today. I used to walk just about everyday, usually only the rain deterred me. But I haven't in a while and boy did it feel good! I can't believe that I have been so lazy and haven't been going on walks or just keeping active. After a co-worker told me that my shirt was "bulging" I immediately am taking action to make sure that my shirt doesn't bulge.

By the way, I have never been a big girl. Ever. I may have been porky a time or two in my life, but seriously EFF OFF.

Tomorrow is my Friday. I get a much needed 3 day weekend and I couldn't be more excited.

Now, not to make this the most boring post in history I present to you...

Brought to you by yours truly and the ridiculous conversations that are had at the dinner table in my humble abode.

On tonight's episode we find me and my parents in the restaurant that is Red Robin...

Dad dropped us off at the door to park and my mom and I walked in and grabbed our table. My dad came in and, of course, saw some people he knew and stood and talked to them for what seemed like an eternity but in reality was only like 3 minutes.
Now, in order to understand this you have to know that people have been breaching the sanctity that is family dinner since I was 8. Awesome right? Wrong. It is so annoying and I swear there is not a place we go (Even in Disney World) that we are not approached or my dad doesn't know somebody there. It is annoying and 9 times out of 10 my mom and I are BEYOND hungry and need to eat like right then and there.

So he strolls over to us when...

My mom asked who it was he was talking to..

His answer?

Dad - "Blenda"
Mom - "Balinda?"
Dad - "Yeah, just without the Uh."
Me - "So like Blender but replace the "er" with an "uh"
Dad - "Exactly!"
Mom - "So ... like ... Splenda?"
Dad - "yes"

Then a whole bunch of wildly inappropriate jokes about her name ensued which cause my dad to tell us to hush up since they were close enough that there was a chance they could hear us.

Mom - "So like Galinda, 'Is she a good witch or a bad witch?' right?"
Me - "Well clearly Galinda is the good witch since good and Galinda start with a G and Blenda is clearly bad since bad and Blenda start with a B. Makes sense."

I told you they were bad jokes.

Mom - "So it was Blenda and...?"
Dad - "Her husband Rex."

*AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA* yes. We absolutely laughed out loud. I mean, LOLing hard core.

It gets better.

Dad - "Do you remember the time I interviewed him for the song he wrote "Driving balls down to Texas"


So basically Blender - the 'er' + an 'uh' is married to Rex (I immediately thought of Rugrats) who wrote a song titled "Driving Balls down to Texas".

Then there was the waiter who continued to bring my dad like a million iced teas and then disappeared for a while. He kept making jokes like "You better watch how much you drink you are driving"

Needless to say, that wasn't funny.. at all.
Thank you Red Robin.
Holy Crap.
You made my entire week.

And that concludes tonight's episode of


Good night.

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