Tuesday, June 1, 2010

He loves me, He loves me not, HE LOVES ME!

Today I went to my favorite store in the whole world.


This superstore is just beyond my wildest dreams. I am hopelessly in love with its wide variety and its low prices. My heart flutters from the very thought of it. All its different shapes and sizes, its vast selections of everything you could ever need. I swear, its like I die and go to heaven every time I put my car into park and march through those automatic doors only to gaze in on the glory that is this superstore.


A run of the mill grocery store?
I think not.

Yes, I would write the store love letters if I didn't think people would try to put me away..

Whenever I feel restless I take it out in Meijer. I live within ten miles of at least 3 Meijers, all of which are 100% different and only one is truly questionable, but still one of the objects of my desire.

If my Mac had paint, I would totally doodle little hearts all over this picture. But, I'm still working out the kinks. Hehe.

Here are my top 10 favorite things to get at Meijer:

10. Toothpaste; yes, I realize that you can get this any number of place but for some reason it is so much more appealing here with all the little tags underneath telling me how much I save.

9. Magazines; I swear I never look at magazines unless I am going through the self check out at meijer (self checkout is the best thing that has ever happened to the shopping industry btw). Then I am all about going over who is pregnant with who's baby, OHEMGEE SHE DID WHAT?, Ugh, her plastic surgery is awful.. etc..

8. Bobby Pins; I mean seriously, $0.70 for 60 bobby pins, and legit bobby pins at that. :]

7. Video Games; I more so long for than purchase these. But I have a DS and am trying to find games all the time, I had one in my cart today, but just couldn't talk myself into it.. someday though.

6. DVDs; Whether its a brand new movie or season dvd, I'm always wanting more.

5. Things I have like a million of; I find myself persistently shopping for the better version of whatever I have, just a little problem I have.

4. FOOD; Umm.. 'nuff said. Besides, they buy from local farmers. WHAT WHAT!

3. Books; Good reads come out of that place, plus, there is always a chance the book I'm pining for will drop under $20 (I am desperately hoping that day come soon)

2. Clothes; While it is hard for me to actually make a purchase, I do like perusing the clothes. :]

and the number 1 slot goes to....daadadaddadadadadadadad <--  clearly that is my drum roll.

1. PENS & NOTEBOOKS!!! But really, they have the coolest pens placed all around the store and cute neat little notebooks everywhere. Really, I should just say office supplies. But, Thats what like office max is for.

Here is my "Word to the Wise": Shop at Meijer and NOT Walmart. Walmart sucks. Don't be fooled by their low prices, the only reason they can be so low is because of their slaves in China.

... *Shifts eyes back and forth, clears throat* ...


I'm off to try out my new meijer pens and notebook.
Stay tuned.. I promise I'll have something better to write about tomorrow, today, my brain was all Writer's Block.

BTW: Glee was all sorts of FUNKY tonight, so sad its the season finale next week.


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