Friday, June 25, 2010


A little over a year ago a friend of mine got married. I was a bridesmaid.

It is important you understand that I was just a BRIDESMAID. Emphasize the maid part times like a billion.

Since I registered for her wedding February of 2009 I have been receiving letters and phone calls from various wedding places including David's Bridal, Men's Wearhouse, so on and so forth. All of them trying to convince me that I should use their store for my impending wedding.

Well, guess what Wedding places..

at least not right now.
I'm not even engaged.

So imagine my delight when on my way to see one of my girlfriends I received a phone call from one of the above places...

*The name has been changed and the company has been blanked out for their safety and my own.*

Pat - Hi may I please speak with Ella?
Me - Speaking
Pat - Well hi! My name is Pat and I'm calling from _______________.
Me - Hello...?
Pat - First of all we just wanted to call you and congratulate you on your engagement and see that you have planned your wedding for August. How are the plans going?
Me - They aren't.
Pat - Oh! Have you finalized all your plans?
Me - I only have one plan.
Pat - What is that?
Me - Get engaged before I plan a wedding.
Me - No, not yet.
Pat - Oh well, sorry to bother hope it happens for you soon.
Me -Thanks, have a good day.

Now, thats how the conversation should have gone, but since I have this unseemly sick sense of humor the conversation was more like this...

P - Hi is this Ella?
M - Yes it is.
P - Hi, my name is Pat and I'm calling from _________. Our records show that you are getting married in August. How are the wedding preparations going?
M - Well, unfortunately, we had to move the wedding unexpectedly. We had some family crisis's and such that made it practically impossible to get married this summer.
P - Oh well, I'm sorry to hear about that. Let me tell you some of the deals that we have going on right now so in the future when you finally get to this part of the preparation you can think of us.
P - *rambles on about said deals* And congratulations on your engagement!!
M - Thankyou.
P - We will continue to call you over the next year and check and see when you are ready for _____. Would that be okay?
M - Of course.

Okay, so I'm not getting married and I just told this lady that she could continue to call me and basically taunt me on how I'm not getting married anytime soon. Awesome.

So to sum it up.. When I registered the people at David's Bridal effed it up and put me down as Bride and not as bridesMAID. I think the only way to make this stop is to either
a.) get married
b.) get married
c.) get married.

Shit. My options are not looking so good.
 I will be dealing with this for like.. another 10 years. GREAT.


  1. That's horrible! I was engaged for a while and refused to call any of those place and give them my information because I knew what is happening to you would happen to me! And yes! You can be my Midwest Robin Hood! :) I'd love that.

  2. hahaha...sorry to laugh but that is quite a pickle you're in. I hope it all smooths out for you - soon! I am currently engaged and I haven't done ANY planning nor have I given out any of my information, for that simple reason - being bothered.

    ps. check out my blog and tell me what you think! I also have another one

  3. ROFL! That is funny! Now you'll deal with spam via the phone for months! :)

    *Found you via