Tuesday, June 8, 2010

OPEN UP! yo.

Well, I freaked out too soon.

My cord just doesn't work in my room.
Hopefully that rights itself soon.

So you know how all these weird things tend to happen to me?
Well, in case you didn't, you will soon find out.

Anyways, I was on my way to my Excel class this morning and when I was finally off the expressway I saw possibly the craziest thing anyone could see just driving anywhere...

I rolled by a house with 4 squad cars, 2 medics and a SWAT team, guns drawn ready to raid the house. I accelerated and got the heck outta there before things got wild at 8am.

How is it that I see these things?

anyways, I came up with some theories whilst finishing my drive:

1. Somebody was hoarding a batch of Swedish Fish and Caramello bars hostage. I know I would go in with guns drawn and probably shooting if someone was holding my favorite (and clearly everyones favorite) candy hostage.

2. A little girl was forcing Barbie and Ken to work out their problems and get back together. I know it isn't just my dream, it is the dream of millions alike. Also, I know it was a publicity stunt to break up the happy perfect couple and I figure the BIG (so I don't get in trouble) company sent in the troops to keep Barbie & Ken's reunion from happening. Although, if you are human, you know it is inevitable.

Then I arrived at my destination and figured they were breaking down the doors to a MAJOR drug bust.

How boring.


Glee's season finale was phenomenal. Can't wait for next season! :]

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  1. I can top that. I've been up to Montreal several times as it is my favorite city in the whole world. Every time I go, seriously EVERY TIME there is a homeless guy standing on the corner in a full blown head to toe Spiderman costume.

    He has a boom box. It plays strange hippity hoppity beats with no words.

    He points his fingers in the air and shakes his hips.

    Strange women let their small children dance with this guy.

    He also has an empty guitar case (no guitar in sight anywhere) for people to throw unwanted money in.

    It's insane, and I have the pictures to prove it. It is also hilarious. The guy treats this as if it was a 9 to 5 job. Did I tell you he's there EVERY TIME?! Also, the whole SWAT truck police cars on the front lawn is quite common around here. But it also never gets old and I'm usually the person spying on the whole situation with binoculars.