Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If only, if only. Stupid little black dress.

Today I will explore the wonderful world of GaGa.

Inspired, of course, by last nights Glee episode.

Anyways, I wanted to explore the style of Lady Gaga while baby blogger me explores using photos.

Personally, I love Lady Gaga and her fabulous sense of style. I idolize her fashion and courage in a way that many people would find just strange.

I wish I had the courage to dress a little girlier, let alone out of this world like she does. 
Her self confidence blows my mind. 

I mean just look at this. She might as well be naked and she looks unbelievable.
My favorite story of her is one I read in probably Cosmopolitan. 
She was at, I believe, Starbucks with a boyfriend when he broke up with her.
She says..
"Just you wait and see, someday you want be able to leave your home without seeing my face!"
(Now, I ad-libbed this story a bit, don't be offended if this isn't 100%)


Holy guacamole.


Poor sap, didn't even know what was coming.
You literally cannot wake up in the morning without hearing one of her songs blasting happily on the radio.

What a fabulous lady.
Whose style I envy.

I love it.


Guilty pleasure?

Now for the real question.
Can I pull this off?

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