Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Basics.

Well, lets start from the beginning..

My name is Ella.

I like to think of myself as a simple person, but as I continue to grow and meet more people and learn more about myself, I find that that isn't the case. I'm a complicated individual with a lot of hopes, dreams and aspirations.

I grew up in a small town dreaming of big city life. Now I live in a 'big' city and it can be very boring.

But, there usually isn't a dull moment in my life.

I love to read. I'm also a speed reader so I go through books quickly and typically read them twice to make sure I didn't miss anything. I LOVE the Harry Potter series. In fact, I will be reading 1-7 again this July for what I believe is the 4th time. :] I'm always up for new suggestions on books to, which is how I began reading the Stephanie Plum novels. If only Janet Evanovich wrote as fast as I read...

I have wonderful parents. An amazing Sister and a kick-ass Brohem [brother-in-law]. My family is big and loud and very overwhelming for outsiders. You don't fit in, you'll get thrown out. Both of my Grandfathers have passed but they still live on in us. I miss them both to this day but can see bits and pieces of them everywhere I go.

I have a very eclectic and LARGE group of friends. Some are closer than others. I try not to discriminate and let friends from ALL walks of life run with me. Life is too short to hate and not to experience new things.

I'm a very opinionated person. You'll probably see a lot of the here.

I have had a few jobs over the past 5 years. I worked for Tropical Smoothie for about a year and a half. Spent two years at Bob Evans and I miss my girls dearly. Now I am employed with the Boy Scouts of America and I love it. I was shocked to find that working a 9-5 job wasn't as bad as I always thought it would be.

There is a lot more to tell you, but I think I'll save that for a time when my brain isn't so clouded by thoughts of finishing yet another Stephanie Plum novel. I have a whopping 10 pages left and I'm dying to know what happens. Maybe tomorrow I'll write a little more about myself.. or maybe I'll share with you the relationship I have developed with the character of Stephanie Plum.

I'm going to try to write and share my opinions and thoughts everyday in here. Maybe somebody somewhere will be touched or agree or argue with what I have to say. I certainly hope so. I don't want to feel like this thing is a waste of time. Either way, I will be here..

Even when everybody else isn't..

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