Monday, May 10, 2010

10,000 steps. Part 2.

Well, only got as far as 5,602 steps.

I guess I'm only 'half' active. I made sure to walk everywhere I went at work. Walked around the mall while waiting for my glasses to be fixed. Hell, I even walked around a single parking space a few times. I jogged through my house, walked while reaching to clean my bookshelf. I did a little extra than what I normally would in a given day. and got just over halfway.

My dad said I could tack on about 1,000 steps for the morning when I wasn't wearing the pedometer. I guess that puts me at 6,602. I guess I need to try a little harder tomorrow when I'm going for my goal. I will hit 10,000 steps one day this week if it kills me (it won't, but you get the point).

I didn't realize how difficult it would be to hit my goal. I thought it would be a walk in the park, literally. 

It was interesting seeing what it took to get to 6,000 steps. without my walk around the mall and the jog around the house, I probably would have only gotten to 3.000 steps. I guess I need to work a little harder to be an active person.

I want to lead a healthier lifestyle.

I've always had trouble getting myself to wash my face at night just because it is so much easier to do it in the morning when you are just getting up and ready. But, I want to have beautiful healthy skin, I want to have a beautiful healthy body and I want it the right way.

Well, I suppose I should begin mapping out just how I'm going to get my 10,000 steps. We'll see if I can get my butt up in the morning for a stroll around the block. Unlikely, but possible.

Hopefully, I'll be able to really sit down and write out my 10,000 step journey tomorrow and tell you all I had to do. I'll post pictures from today and what I get tomorrow. And maybe, I'll even come up with something fantastic to really write about tomorrow.

Until then.

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