Monday, May 24, 2010

The Arachna-Murderer.

I am arachnophobic. Absolutely freaking terrified of spiders.

Not quite run away screaming terrified (although that has happened) but close enough.

I've had all of these crazy encounters with these 8 legged demons. It all started when I was living in what I like to call me pre-middle school house when I awoke from a nap to a spider just hanging out on my face. That day, I ran screaming to my father and made him protect me from the big bad spiders.


I squirm just thinking about it.

Then there was the time I went backpacking on North Manitou Island and we slept in a spider pit. WORST MISTAKE EVER. We camped out in possible the most beautiful point on the Island, but I just felt something wasn't right... I felt like things were crawling all over me. But, the girls told me I was crazy until I looked down to see a million (well, looking back it was probably like 3 but who is really counting?) spiders crawling all over me. I flipped out, hyperventilated and BAM. Woke up in my tent some time in the middle of the night, alone. I turned on my flashlight all disoriented and made the horrible decision to point it at the tent, where I could see hundreds of GIGANTIC spider shadows crawling all over the place. BAM. Next thing I know I'm awake, its morning and its time to get the heck outta dodge.

Okay, so you are now starting to get the point.

Anyways, I've been trying to deal with my fears for a while now, mostly because I feel too old to contiue freaking out the way I have been. I now remain calm, as calm as I can be sans my heart racing like a racecar and slowly back away before I run for the hills with OUT screaming :)

I'm such a grown up.

 I hadn't had any real big run ins thanks to winter until the other night when I was asleep.

In my dream I came face to face with a big black ugly spider. And guess what I did?

I headbutted the little sucker to death! BOOM. Fears faced.

Then I woke up. Decided to take it as as facing my fears head on, pun totally intended.

Today, in real life, a spider was crawling on my windshield as I was pulling into my driveway. I totally drowned that thing with the windshield washer fluid. BOO-YAH!

So I told my dad about it and he called me the Arachna-Murderer.

It has a nice ring to it..

Now only if I didn't still have to rely on Ben to kill the spider on the ceiling..

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  1. i freaking hate spiders too.
    i once discovered one in my car while i was driving. it was huge and hairy.

    two words.. wreckless driving.