Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A terrible situation made funny by texting.

I was going to write this great thing about how much I love food and the weird habits I have when it comes to eating.. but, without fail, my life has handed my another sick and devious hand in the card game of life.

My car was broken into last night.
In my own driveway.

I feel so violated.

I feel threatened.

Of course, the police can't do anything until after 12noon today. So I was late to work for nothing. It is unlikely I'll even really need the police report and am just out $300 worth of equipment.

And work isn't working (hah) out the way it ought to, printers are jamming, My list is just growing by the minute with things to do, I need a break. But really people, knowing me you know that this is how my life goes every day. It's just one slap in the face after the other with a few funny things happening in between.

A few months back C also had his car broken into.
He had quite a bit of stuff stolen out of his car too. I don't remember the exact amount, but around the same amount as mine.

Our conversation this morning went a little like this...

C: do you ever have one of those nights where you remember your dreams being really awesome, yet in the morning you cant remember a single one?

E: Yup. My car got broken into. (Notice how I just jump into this, probably should ask about the dream thing at some point.)

C: EFFFFFF at your house?

E: Yes.

C: did they take anything?

E: All of my music stuff and my $5 in change (for emergencies, duh)

C: Wow what dicks. I'm sorry.

E: Yup. I'm frackin' furious.

C: so they got your ipod and radio?

E: Ipod, tape deck charger. They would have had to rip my radio [out of the dash]

C: I'll kill the mricker frickers.

E: Right?

C: I'm serious.

E: So am I. we can be each others alibi

C: I'll get this one and flee to Mexico

E: Okay

E: I vote we go in it together. Mexico would be boring without me there. Duh.

C: but seriously. I hate [place we are from] sometimes. instead of stealing those buttcracks should just get jobs.

E: 100% agreed.

C: you would have to change your name. but yeah, i would love to flee to mexico with you.

E: why would I change my name?

C: think Spanish. your name can't be "ella". well, i guess it could. i guess its up to you. but if we are fleeing, we might wanna change our names.

E: You change your name, I'll stick with mine, people will be so confused by ella that they'll never find me!!

C: Oh man, what would my name be?

E: hmmm.. something clever that sounds like a name but would confuse everyone.

C: Chris sanchez

E: No like vaca or bato or something. duh.

C: how about Gato Enfuego

E; Cat what?

C: on fire

E: L.O.L

C: please don't laugh at my stupid jokes. it just encourages me.

E: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (for 160 characters)

C: bajajajajajajajajaja

E: Oh good! You are practicing (laughing) for Mexico!

C: nope, practicing the laugh im gonna use when i murder who stole your ipod.

E: niiiice.

Okay so the naughty words were changed for cleaner versions. Seriously was dropping some bad language today, but I'm alotted that on an occasion such as this.. My mother is currently thinking to herself, 'what is your excuse every other time?'

Well, I'm off to see what I can do about getting a police report filed and possibly getting my money back from all that was stolen. Unlikely to happen, but worth a shot.

I hope everyone's day is a thousand times better than mine has been!


  1. Dude, that blows. Luckily you still have the radio, i mean i wouldn't put it past people to yank it out of a dashboard.

    Also, if i ever flee to Mexico I'm changing my name to Elena. It's just Spanish enough without being way to Hispanic (cause i'm a white bitch).

  2. When we lived in Florida we had our car broken into 3 times.. everytime they just smashed the windows to get in.. and our house was broken into once. Thankfully we wernt home, but that along was pretty much the last straw. It does make you feel violated and vulnerable.