Friday, August 13, 2010

Stay At Home Babe!

Today's post is from a fellow bunny (you'll hear about this soon enough) of mine.. Stay At Home Babe!

She is fabulous, funny, and full of everything I wish I could say on here.
I hope you love her as much as I do.

Right now I am at the tournament and probably sweating profusely. TMI? Too bad.
Soon, I'll be on my way to my Brother-In-Law's folks house so they can take me to the airport at the butt crack of dawn on Saturday.

Anywho, here is a quick something that Nathan @ Upstart Blogger said...

"A recent development on the blogging front is the prolific presence
of mommy bloggers. But in a landscape of virtual baby books and family
photo albums there is a new kid on the block, Stay At Home Babe
( As her tagline reads, “I’m not
a housewife. I like profanity. I’m a Stay At Home Babe.” She's armed
with a full sleeve tattoo, some cleaning supplies, a dash of profanity
and a sardonic wit that translates well to charm and she tells it like
it is! With fearless disclosure and a hilarious narrative, Stay At
Home Babe discusses her move to England, marriage, motherhood,
womanhood and every-day life in a way that makes you wonder what she
could possibly say tomorrow (and she posts every day)! Step away from
the piles of laundry to fold and forget the dusting because this is
where it’s at; read her and see for yourself. When you find yourself
going back for more, you can thank me later."

Give it up for...

Stay At Home Babe!


As a child of the 80’s—hey, ’81 is still the 80’s… and that makes me Generation Y… stop imagining me older than I am!—I am proud to say that we have a knack for making things dirrrrty. One place where I think we went horribly, horribly wrong with this tendency is at-home sex toy parties. You know the ones? My mother’s generation would gather all their friends in their living rooms on a Friday evening and a Tupperware sales (usually woman) person would come explain how the right storage containers could change their lives and they would have a glass of wine and buy Tupperware. We took this concept and applied it to sex toys. Cringe.

I’m sorry, we all know that I will talk about my vagina and even some details of my sex life or even sometimes, sometimes my husband's awesome penis, but I don’t want to know what kind of dildo my closest friends prefer to have inserted into their asses and what kind of lube they want to use and why. It just creeps me out. Nor do I want them to see the kinky shit I wanna buy. And I’m not much more comfortable going into those skeezy sex toy shops and talking to some perv behind the counter about it either; much less touching things that have been sitting on shelves right next to the video booths where people go to get blowjobs from strangers on their lunch breaks! Then… then, I’m supposed to buy it and take it into my home?! Yuck.

Thank god for the internet. Thank god for a place where I can buy straight off the warehouse shelf and no creepy sex juice residue from the perverted lunch-break-blowjob people has been smeared on the packaging. Thank god for people like Amber from (I don’t get any money from her for any reason. If you visit, buy, or disregard makes no monetary difference to me! I endorse her because she’s awesome.) who explain the ups and downs—no pun intended—of various sex toys and accessories to blow-job-booth-phobics like myself. Because I am definitely sexually liberated enough to buy my husband enough porn to sink a battleship during my ninth month of pregnancy (it was his birthday), but I do not want to talk to my closest friends or the sex shop people about what I do or do not like up my ass. Call me prude. Soooo, if you’re looking for some good advice on what to buy, why to buy it, and where to buy it from (because let’s face it, buying online can be a craps shoot) then hop on over to Amber’s little corner of the world. You’ll thank me later.

I can’t imagine what my Google ads are going to look like today :). I can also promise you that none of the ads on my site, sponsored by Google (which, given this content will likely be about porn and sex toys), will give you any nasty e-cooties if you want to purchase said sex toys through them. However, I would suggest checking out Amber’s advice before you buy!

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  1. I love this post! I am with you. I love sex. I will have sex every different way and everyday. But i do not want to hear about my friends sex lives for 2 reason:

    1. Either they get way more than i do and i'm jealous

    2.I'm the freaky of the group and they all look at me like i'm deranged.

    Either way, i don't want to deal. I just want to have random upside-down sex with hot men without all the judgment!