Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stop the War In My Rack.

Sorry about the cliffhanger yesterday.

Unfortunately, your kinda stuck wondering until I get my life back together and I can pretty much guarantee this is going to be a long and grueling process.

My emotional strength is definitely going to be tested.

Meanwhile, I'll sit back, read my books, do my mantras and drink my coffee. Oh, and I suppose I'll write here and there as well. :)


Last night my mom came home from an awards dinner that was celebrating the fundraising her company did for Breast Cancer. Of course, this was after I got all panicky because she wasn't home and it was 9pm and my mom is never home later than 7:30 or 8, even when she gets home from dinner. I'm a total momma's girl and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

feel free to poke fun.

It reminded me of the day she came home from the event and told me all about the fun boobie things, cause I mean really, who doesn't love to talk about boobs?
*I apologize to those of you that cringe at the mere mention of any body parts.

I think it was April or May of last year when my mom came home all pumped up to beat Breast Cancer and of course a little ferklempt at all the stories shared.

That's when she told me the BEST team name ever for their Breast Cancer Walk.

STOP THE WAR IN MY RACK. (pink for breast cancer awareness YEEAH!)

I think I died on the spot, went to heaven and have been living there ever since.

I immediately went into, OMG I can totally market this and raise a boob ton of money for breast cancer awareness because holy crap that is the most clever thing I have ever heard.

I went as far as to get someone to design the shirts and then absolutely nothing ever happened with it. I didn't have the money to do the project nor did I have enough people interested in helping me out. It was a huge let down.

I still loved the saying and everytime we talk about boobs in my house, which is more regular than people would like to believe, I ask if someone has stopped the war in my rack yet.

I truly believe that one day, the answer will be yes and I pray that it will happen in my lifetime.

But seriously, I wish there was more I could do other than just give money and continue to send the best vibes I got out to those researchers who are working ridiculously hard to find the cure.

So, I'll take a step outside of the box and get a little raunchy in hopes that my female readers (are there any men??) will listen and get fired up like I am.

First of all, Getting felt up isn't all that bad... When you are checking for lumps that aren't there!!

That's right, just cop a feelsky on yourself once a month and pretty soon you'll be able to tell if something is there that wasn't before.

hell, go ahead and let your lover do it for ya if your feelin frisky.

Also, go to the doctor and get the proper examinations getting felt up by your doctor (male or female) or getting a mammogram is nothin' compared to actually finding out you have Breast Cancer and going through treatment.

Okay, so thats my health advice for the year and I hope you aren't all like "Ella, hello, thats common knowledge, way to waste my time telling me things I already know"

Sorry if that is the case, but anything for the cause right?

Say it with me now...




  1. My sister does the three day, sixty mile marathon for breast cancer awareness every year... insane. I think I might have to have a t-shirt made for her with that on there this year.

  2. I definitely want a shirt if you get that going. : )