Friday, October 15, 2010


"There is just something to be said for goodbyes. They are so final. At a funeral, you say goodbye to your departed because it really is goodbye. But, what about every other goodbye? We really don't know how permanent it is."

Woah, 17 year old me was deep.

Well, it is finally time folks. The time where we kiss this sorry ass blog goodbye and open the door to greener and better pastures. Wow, I am seriously full of metaphors today..

Well, this blog has had a good run but I am most certainly ready to close the door on this chapter and turn the page to another.. wait.. thats not right.. but you get the point.

After working my butt off for like.. a month I can finally share the link with you.


There will be stories of all kinds *hopefully* 5 days a week for your pleasure.

Anyways, This is it folks.

Please come join me at my new site.

Thank  you for starting off here!

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